I’ve been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2009. I started my career working with athletes and after the birth of my first child, I began to focus primarily on working with mothers. Today my practice brings together my knowledge and passions in both these fields. I am a movement lover and I am passionate about helping moms to find movement freedom in their lives with small children and changing bodies. I look forward to meeting you where you are at and helping you get to where you would be happiest.

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Your body changes so much throughout pregnancy, massage therapy can keep you in touch with yourself. I treat women from conception right through to birth. As your body changes so will your treatment. Your hips, back, jaw, neck and ribs will receive the attention they need as your baby grows and your body shifts in preparation to birth your baby.

75 min massage  $130 + GST

E-transfer, cash or check only


This treatment session focuses on you, the woman and mother, after your baby is born. We start where you are at and move to where you would like to be in your moving, healthy, mothering body. Will include scar treatment if you have had a cesarean birth as well as techniques for you to take home to work on your own body.

75 min massage  $130 + GST

E-transfer, cash or check only


Many things have an affect on our health as women: painful or heavy periods, back pain, headaches, gynaecological or abdominal surgeries, challenges conceiving. Whether you’re a woman looking for her best health or trying to conceive a baby, your pelvic and abdominal vitality are so important. Together we will look at your entire body system and use the treatment modalities that will work best for you and your body. I will teach you techniques you can take home for your own self care. Please wear a comfortable bra and underwear.

 75 minute treatment   $130 + GST

E-transfer, cash or check only


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