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Baby Massage -affectionately known as Babyfest! 


Baby Massage classes are offered throughout the year. These classes are 

a calming and nurturing experience for both parents and babies alike.


We will help you learn a routine to gently massage and soothe your new little one,  potentially becoming a daily activity that will guide you both through the first year (and forever) in getting to know and understand one another.

We include some clinical massage techniques and other ideas to help with your baby's work of regulating digestion and elimination, growing their teeth, learning to sleep well and soundly, move their bodies and play! 

Linda has been leading and guiding these classes for 20 years! Babyfest days are a celebration at our clinic. Check back here to see when the next classes are. 

The Graceful Aging Project 

Graceful Aging is a gently humorous stream of awareness and self care workshops created by CMMT’s founder, Linda Hickey and colleague Heather Roselle in response to her own growing older body's needs and those of her long time clients.  


 "When in practice for as long as I have been, my original clients are 20 years older....as am I. Rather than dread the inevitable, I thought it was an opportunity to explore myths and realities about "aging" and create opportunities to celebrate and enjoy the process in the same ways we did through our mothering years."  (Tall order! I know but I think we are acing it!! ) 


Over the last five years many fun and helpful topics have been explored in weekend and evening workshops throughout the year and the Summer Camp programs. Based on participants feedback, these are the keepers so far... 

Mindful Stretching - keeping yourself safe and strong (and upright) and moving,  paying attention, and getting results. 

Head and shoulders, knees and toes - establishing a home based stretch and strengthen program that feels so good that you can't NOT do it! 

The Practice of Impeccible Posture - a  functional body mechanics series exploring specific joints, the movement they create, and feeling how to stretch and strengthen with results in the course of your day.  

Walking clinics - for posture and for fitness. 

The goal of these courses is to have fun in finding the elements of a daily home and life practice that supports us kindly and successfully in our growing older years. 

Over the years we have gathered a community of Kindred Spirits - like minded collaborators - who share in our "aging" interest and we host their classes as well throughout the year. We have on-going groups learning about Yamuna Body Rolling, the MELT method and restorative yoga practice.  

Marching Legs exercise to tone and support digestion

Walking for Posture Class

Summer Camp 2014

photo credit:

Lori Willocks


"I began to see Linda when I was pregnant over five years ago on the recommendation of a friend and I have continued with her ever since. I benefit greatly from her holistic approach and also her curiousity to learn about latest practices in massage therapy. Her support and guidance has helped me improve both my posture and my overall well-being. She has a calm and caring manner that put me at ease from the day I met her and I always feel more relaxed and invigorated after a massage. I recently took her ‘Walking for Posture’ workshop and have been walking much better ever since with fewer aches and pains."