My Story

I have been a registered Massage Therapist since 2000. I am passionate about helping women throughout their child bearing years and beyond. I bring many tools with me into every treatment - whether it is therapeutic/deep tissue techniques, effleurage, Shiatsu points, TMJ release, cupping, rehabilitative exercises or postural coaching.  I love helping people feel better in their bodies and to move freely!



Back Massage


Massage helps support your body and mind through the changes that pregnancy brings. We use a supported side lying cushion system for maximum comfort and safety for you and baby.  My goal is to support you throughout your entire pregnancy!

60 min massage   $100

75 min massage   $120



Once the baby comes, your body continues to change - and I am here to help you into this new phase of your life! Postpartum massage is all about helping your body to recover from labour and your new role as a mom!  And for c-sections, I can teach you what to do to reduce scar tissue formation.

60 min massage  $100

75 min massage  $120


In my treatments, I incorporate a variety of therapies that enhance the body’s natural restorative function.  And best of all, you are left with a sense of calm and a connection with your body and mind.

60 min massage  $100

75 min massage  $120


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