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March 24, 2019

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Springtime tune up!

March 24, 2019

Its Spring and we’re moving from snowman building and deep snow traipsing to puddle jumping and springtime exploring. For most people getting outside is much easier once the weather warms up. Which means we start moving a lot more come Spring! 


At the clinic we are always talking about movement. How can we change our ordinary movement patterns? Try squatting to get things out of the lower cupboard instead of bending. We’re like movement detectives and a tad bit nerdy with our obsession over deconstructing movement, our own and yours when you come into the clinic.


Your body works as a unit and each part affect many others. Lately, we’ve spent a lot of time considering the part of the body that is like the central cog to all of our movement, the thorax. The what? Rhymes with The Lorax (great story, thank you Doctor Seuss)... Now, let’s dive right in!


Your thorax is your back, neck, ribcage, shoulders and everything in between and it houses some really important things, like your heart and lungs. It’s like a shield that protects these vital organs. But calling it a shield is actually way off because a shield is stiff and rigid and your thorax has to move. As your lungs fill and your heart beats, your thorax has to expand and change and return again and again and again. And not only that but every time you walk and move your thorax moves allowing you to sit a toddler on your hip or steer your car or master your downward dog.


There ain’t nothing quite like it, my friend! 


There are 150 moving points (or articulations) in thorax. You take roughly 20 000 breaths in a day. Multiply those two and you have about 3 million movements a day in your thorax. And that's just from breathing! That, my friend, is a lot of repetition! So its really really important that your thorax is in the business of multiplying healthy movement. 


So what is healthy movement? 


It’s movement that allows you to live your best, pain free life. Your body wants to move! Always in all the ways. When we spend big chunks of our days not moving our bodies start to hurt. They start to get locked up and just like an old bike that isn’t being ridden anymore, parts of our body end up untouched and unmoved. This makes it harder to get moving and eventually we avoid certain movements altogether because they're just too darn hard. In a sense we get rusty and seize up. Ouch!


Your thorax may be stuck for lots of reasons. Carrying babies, lifting kids, sitting at a desk, pneumonia, bronchitis, car accidents, surgeries, the list goes on and on but in the end it doesn’t matter why your thorax isn’t moving, it matters that it starts to move! A thorax that isn’t moving can lead to headaches, sore backs and knees, shoulder pain, discomfort walking, sitting or standing and a whole array of less than ideal things.


So to celebrate the arrival of Spring and in honour of YOU lets get those 150 articulations moving! Come in and see me (Andrea) and lets make sure that your lungs and heart are moving freely under your ribcage. We can loosen up whats stuck so that you can get the most movement out of your thorax. And then come in and see Linda and start learning about tuning into the many possible movements of your thorax! Life’s too short to live in a locked up thorax! Click on our booking link on our home page and lets get you moving, mama!










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