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My Story

In 2011, I graduated with Honours from the Lethbridge College Massage Therapy program. I treasure education for the tools it allows me to bring to my clients and have taken over a dozen continuing education courses to improve the quality and effectiveness of my treatments. Often it is tension from one area that affects another, and I believe it is my job as your massage therapist to address the source of your pain. It is my goal to help prenatal mothers enjoy their pregnancy as comfortably as possible, and for postnatal mothers to return to their functioning healthy normal, regardless of how long it has been since birth. It is in honour to work with the incredible human body, and specifically the woman’s body. Whether you are currently pregnant, are 40 years postpartum, or have never had a child, I feel privileged to help your body feel its best, and to allow you to thrive in health and happiness.

Sydney is currently on maternity leave.



Back Massage


Massage helps support your body and mind through the changes that pregnancy brings. We use a supported side lying cushion system for maximum comfort and safety for you and baby.  

Sydney is on maternity leave.


This is a treatment that leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. Massage can make an enormous difference for our health.

Sydney is on maternity leave.


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