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Welcome to the forest! The Into the Woods retreat is tucked into an aspen and pine forest, a short drive and a world away world away from the busy city. Allow the fresh forest air to flood your lungs, this is so much more than massage therapy!   

Here, Andrea offers the incredible care that is expected for women from the team at CMMT, only now, in a retreat setting.


Come then, Into the Woods! Come in pairs, as a family, with or without the kids. Here you will find a beautiful hand carved and painted traditional Mongolian yurt. The sights and sounds of the forest are balm for the soul as you receive your treatment. In the winter, the kids may be frolicking in the snow while the fire crackles in the wood stove. In the summertime, feeling renewed after your treatment, you might sit in the sunshine of the porch while reading a book and sipping a cup of tea while your friend receives her own massage.

In this new location, Andrea has expanded her offering to include full support of the mother and baby dyad. Colic, tongue ties, sleep challenges, tummy trouble and airway restrictions are some of the most common frustrations that bring mamas and their babies Into the Woods. In a very family centered care plan, Andrea gives parents the tools they need to help mom and baby to both breathe better, eat better and sleep better. 


Andrea continues to offer specialized treatments for women recovering from cesarean birth, hysterectomies and other abdominal surgeries, struggling with menstrual cycle challenges, digestive and abdominal pain, anxiety and airway dysfunction.

The Into the Woods retreat centre is located approximately one hour north of the city of Calgary near Sundre, Alberta.

To book an appointment at the Into the Woods Retreat, please email Andrea at

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