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Open Times to Come In Without an Appointment

Monday May 27  3:00-6:00pm

Saturday June 1  2:00-5:30pm

Monday June 3  3:30-6:30pm

CASH and E-TRANSFER accepted as payment.


If those times do not work, text Aaron 403-679-1105 or Kathy 403-609-4915

to make an appointment and indicate your usual shoe size

and style you are interested in.


We are located inside the Westhills Corporate Centre.

7370 Sierra Morena Blvd SW

If there are other Xero styles you are interested in, let us know and

maybe we will carry them in the future!

On weekends and after 5pm during the week, please text Aaron 403-679-1105 to be

let in the building.

Once you come into the building, go left into the lobby meeting room.

Prio Fitness Shoe


Why you'll love this shoe:

The Prio is the most comfortable shoe for everything you do. Whether you’re out on a run, trying out a new trail, or hitting the gym, you’ll love its combination of freedom and protection.

Lightweight cross trainer w/ mesh upper

* 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole

* Removable 2mm insole for a more barefoot feel

* 100% Vegan-friendly materials

Women's: Black & White, Fig    Men's: Black & White, Lunar

Mesa Trail II Runner


Why you'll love this shoe:

You’ll practically fly over your next trail wearing the Mesa Trail - it's a lightweight, barefoot-friendly, minimalist trail runner.  But you’ll also look great when you pair the Mesa Trail with your favourite jeans.

* Lightweight trail runner, mesh upper, Vegan-friendly material

* 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole

*3.5mm lugs for the right combination of protection & grip

* Embedded 3mm layer of TrailFoam 

 Men's:  Forest Green, Steel Grey/Orange  Women's: Lily Pad (In stock June)

360 Fitness Shoe


Why you'll love this shoe:

With rope-gripping rubber inlays and a high-traction sole, the all-new 360º is a lightweight cross-training shoe designed to handle court sports, parkour, CrossFit, and just about anything else that requires quick lateral movement. 

* Breathable mesh upper, Vegan-friendly material

* Responsive, Omni-directional tread

* Rubber “grip ribs” on the upper

 Men's:  Asphalt (Will be in stock by June 10th)

Kelso Runner

$155.00 Sale Price (Reg. $180) FINAL SALE

Why you'll love this shoe:

The Kelso is a fresh take on the classic court-style shoe you’ve always loved. Enjoy its sleek full-grain leather upper and stitched soft suede

accent panels, along with patterned pinhole vents, and a

moisture-wicking mesh lining to keep you cool. 

* Leather and suede upper

* Flexible 6.0mm FeelTrue® sole, herringbone tread pattern

 Women's:  Black & White  1 pair only size 9

Denver Leather Winter Boot


Why you'll love this shoe:

With its Nubuck leather upper, the Denver Leather is ready for wherever you want to go. It has a cozy interior lining and heat-reflective insole.

Or pull that insole out if the weather is getting a little warmer or

you’re looking for a more barefoot feel.

Nubuck leather upper, Flannel lining

* FeelTrue® rubber sole

* 4mm lugged dual chevron tread

Men's: Black Leather

Alpine Winter Boot


Why you'll love this shoe:

 Enjoy that crisp winter weather in the Alpine – your fully-waterproof, lightweight, minimalist snow boot. An insulated polyester fleece lining

 and a heat-reflective insole keeps those toes nice and warm.

5.5mm FeelTrue rubber sole with a luggy tread

* 200 mg insulation, rated to -25C

* Fully seam-sealed inner boots and a water-resistant membrane

* 100% Vegan-friendly materials

Women's: Black & White, Frost    Men's: Black, Asphalt

Mika Winter Boot


Why you'll love this shoe:

 When the weather turns cold, but you still want the comfort, benefits, and sheer fun of barefoot-inspired, natural movement, the Mika is for you. 

* Water-repellant canvas

* High Traction FeelTrue® rubber sole

* Dual Chevron tread

* Heat-reflecting warming insole

Women's: Black

Email to set up a convenient time to come and try them on!

All prices are subject to GST; cash and e-transfer are accepted.

Benefits of Barefoot Shoes​:

"Barefoot" shoes allow your feet to move as if you are barefoot. They are completely flat or zero-drop - which refers to the angle between the heel and the toe of the shoe. In a zero-drop shoe, there is no raised heel, allowing the foot to remain in its

natural position. A high-heeled shoe is an extreme example of a shoe that is NOT zero drop. But most shoes, casual or athletic,

have some degree of a heel raise. Why is this problematic? Heeled shoes bring us forward over our toes, resulting in our pelvis

and spine having to compensate. This can lead to some parts of the body being overworked while others underworked.


Barefoot shoes are also foot-shaped. The shoe design follows the foot's natural curve, allowing toes to splay out properly.  Conventional shoes tend to come to a point over the second and third toe. Squished, pointy shoes can contribute to

foot pain and the formation of bunions and other deformities. Barefoot shoes allow for better alignment and toe splay

for added stability and freedom of movement. 


Our feet are flexible, so it makes sense that our shoes are flexible too! Barefoot shoes allow the foot to move naturally so all those muscles in our feet can stay strong and supple. This is important because the feet are our foundation - we have a kinetic chain from our toes to our spine and head! We need strong, supple feet to have a solid, supportive base which will allow us to move and play.


Barefoot-style shoes come in a range of cushioning, and transitioning correctly is essential. You want to slowly increase the amount of time spent being barefoot to avoid discomfort. The changes and deformities that happen in feet and toes exposed to conventional footwear take many years to occur. It's no surprise, then, that positive, healthy changes and foot and toe rehabilitation will also take some time. Some people who transition to minimalist shoes do not allow enough time for the soles, the muscles in the feet, and the rest of the lower body to strengthen and adapt. Transitioning to minimalist shoes will, in most cases, work your foot and lower body in a new and unique way, leading to initial soreness and fatigue before the longer-term strength gains and other favourable adaptations occur. Be patient, monitor your body's response to this transition, and take it slowly! Changes are afoot.

Adding foot strengthening exercises to your daily routine can help the transition period. We have ongoing workshops focusing on foot health and blog content to help you along the way! Keep an eye on our social channels for our next workshop.

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