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Cute (and good for you) Be Lenka Shoes!!

CMMT is proud to partner with Be Lenka shoes to offer healthy shoes for the entire family! Their products are designed and made in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - they create shoes that copy the anatomy of a human foot. We have talked about the benefits of barefoot shoes on previous posts but here's a quick recap:

* Wide toe box allowing for lots of space for your toes to wiggle and move freely

* Flexible soles allow the foot to move naturally so all the muscles in our feet can stay strong and supple

* Zero Drop, which refers to the angle between the heel and the toe of the shoe. If it's zero drop, this means there is no raised heel so it mimics the foot in its natural position

* Lightweight, thin soles that allow the foot to sense and connect to the ground for confident movements

They use local skilled craftsmen to precisely cut and put together each pair of shoes. This allows them to maintain high quality control - you can expect Be Lenka shoes to last! Sourcing the highest quality materials is essential in the creation of their shoes. Respect for their employees and for the environment are among their core principles. Check out their website for more info.

They have also joined forces with the Palacký University in Olomouc. Check out their Instagram Post. It's pretty cool! In the past few months, the university scanned the feet of more than a hundred kids for Be Lenka. These scans will help take their kids' shoes to the next level.

For more information, you can follow @kozmic.flow.therapy on Instagram to see what styles we will be bringing in. And have a look at the Be Lenka website to see if there particular shoes you are interested in and send an email to to let us know!


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