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Excitement in August and September!!

We have exciting news this August - not only are we moving into a new space, we also have a fabulous new massage therapist joining us! Our move isn't too far - just next door! We will have two cozy treatment rooms as well as a space for classes. We are looking forward to being able to offer our familiar classes again on a regular basis in the fall, like our Baby Massage classes and Functional Movement & Fitness programs, not just for Pregnant and Postpartum mommas, but the "Aging Gracefully" groups too.

Sydney, one of our current therapists, will be working with us until about mid-September. She will be preparing for her second little sweetheart to come into the world at the end of the month. If you haven't been on her table, there's still time! Sydney is available for evening hours during the week. Here is an introduction:

"In 2011, I graduated with Honours from the Lethbridge College Massage Therapy program. I treasure education for the tools it allows me to bring to my clients and have taken over a dozen continuing education courses to improve the quality and effectiveness of my treatments. It is my goal to help mothers enjoy their pregnancy as comfortably as possible and for postpartum mothers to return to their functioning healthy normal, regardless of how long it has been since birth."

We are happy to have Patricia join our knowledgable team. She is going to be a great asset and she is excited to have her healing hands on pregnant and postpartum women. Patricia will begin working in September and will have daytime appointments during the week. Here is a little bit about her:

"I am a registered massage therapist and have been in private practice for about 25 years. I worked with babies and children for many years before having my own two beautiful daughters and going to Mount Royal University to become a massage therapist. My certification also includes Paediatric Massage Therapist, Infant Massage Teacher and Personal Training, specializing in Pre & Post Natal and the Active Aging population. My first massage position was at Synergea Family Health Centre and was mentored and trained by Linda Hickey in pregnancy and postpartum massage and it is with great joy that I am able to work alongside her again at Calgary Maternity Massage Therapy."

And of course, Linda and Kathy will be here too - massaging achy muscles, practicing their breath work, working on their feet, and playing with our new Xero barefoot shoes. Andrea is getting her yurt set up so she can offer her "Into the Woods" retreat on her property just outside of Sundre.

Be in touch to book an appointment at 403-251-3671 or you can click here to go directly to our online booking system.

Looking forward to settling into our new space and to seeing you there!

Stay tuned for our "Grand Reopening Open House" in mid-September.


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