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Let's Get Moving

Movement - it’s the language of our bodies! We are built to move. Our muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, heart, lungs, and even our brains love it when we get moving!! And you may have noticed they aren’t too happy when we are inactive for too long.

And do you know what is highly tied in to this idea of “moving well”??? It’s actually our breathing - it sets the foundation for our body. The relationship of our diaphragm/rib cage and our pelvis is essential to be able to move in the most ideal way possible. Manual work like massage can help bring awareness to areas of tightness and to help alleviate some of it. But usually it is not enough for long term resolution of issues. We need to address a person’s movement patterns to effect change in the long run. And this means much more than simply saying “Do squats or bench press.” We want to get our muscles working together so that we can optimize how we move in our everyday life, like caring for our family, and in any sports or recreational activities.

Kathy, one of our massage therapists, is now offering treatment sessions that can combine massage with exercises prescription or just an exercise program. This would involve some breathing work and also powerful exercises to engage multiple muscles that directly translate into a stronger and more balanced body. Movement truly is preventative medicine. And it is ideal for pregnant and postpartum mommas!!

If you have any questions, email us at or send in the contact form from this website.

We at CMMT also highly recommend any of Katy Bowman’s books. She has great information about how to move more frequently - as individuals and families. You can get her books at Calgary Library.


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