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Pre-Natal Massage

During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many changes. Massage can address your changing posture, low back pain, pelvis instability, and fluid retention.  Our clinic uses a side-lying cushioning system for you and your baby's safety and comfort. Not only is this side-lying position very comfortable for the woman, it allows the therapist excellent access to the shoulder girdle, rib cage, low back, sacrum, and hips.  Your therapist will be able to effectively address the nervous system, muscles, joints, and fascia to help reduce the physical load on the pregnant body.  We also include stretches, exercises and postural alignment coaching - our goal is to support you throughout your entire pregnancy!  

Post-Natal and/or C-Section Scar Massage 

Once the baby comes, the body continues to change - and we are here to help you into this new phase of your life!  This treatment focuses on areas that are stressed from breast feeding, cradling, carrying and as well as the effects on the body from labor.  And if you had a c-section, we will treat your scar in a gentle, nurturing way to allow you to heal quicker and get you back to moving properly and doing the activities you love.  A key component is also teaching you what you can do at home to reduce scar tissue formation.